Eddie Hearn Reacts To KSI vs Logan Paul 2

Promoter of this weekend’s boxing spectacle in LA, Eddie Hearn, appears to have been pleasantly surprised by what transpired in the ring and in the numbers it did on Saturday night.

Hearn had publicly stated before that he was skeptical about these kind of fights for boxing but in recent months since he got involved with the promotion of this event, his tune appears to have changed.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV after the fight Hearn said:

“That showed us everything that is good about boxing other than a bit of dodgy technique! Did you not find that entertaining?”

He added:

“It is what it was mate, a thrilling, thrilling, thrilling moment of entertainment.”

He went to say:

“I said earlier, this was an experiment. What we’ve seen is the most phenomenal numbers from all over the world.”

He concluded:

“You can’t ignore the numbers. You saw it there tonight. F****** mental. The vibe of the audience. Unbelievable.”

Judging by the sounds of that, this new YouTube boxing craze doesn’t appear to be about to end anytime soon.