50 Cent Ridicules Adrien Broner As Beef Escalates

50 Cent Ridicules Adrien Broner

Rapper 50 Cent often finds himself linked to the boxing world.

His involvement as a promoter these days isn’t particularly clear but a few years back a planned venture with old buddy Floyd Mayweather while it didn’t work out it certainly positioned him into the boxing conversation.

Since then he’s continued to bash Floyd on Instagram where he can but now the attention of his social fury has turned to another fighter in recent times.

Directed at one Adrien Broner.

Broner last fought back in January in a shut out points win for Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

Apparently 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) lost quite a bit of money on the fight.

So much so that a bit of back on forth nearly six months on is still going on.

Well, a little more than that.

50 Cent Ridicules Adrien Broner

Things appear to be turning a bit nasty with 50 Cent saying tonight to the multi-weight world champion:

Don’t expect this to end anytime soon.

As for Broner’s boxing career things are in limbo at the moment.

Broner recently challenged 50 Cent to a fight and with the way modern boxing is going — stranger things have happened then some sort of freak show event.

These days if it can be thought up and it makes financial sense, the era of YouTube boxing if nothing else has shown that anything can happen really.

But on a serious boxing note — it will be interesting to see if Broner comes back at welterweight or if he steps down a weight.

I know I’ve banged the drum for years about it on here but for the life of me I could never see why he fought at 147lbs.

He was a far more effective operator in the lighter weights.

Only time will tell.