Watch: Tyson Fury Head Movement Goes Full Matrix Mode

Tyson Fury Head Movement Razor Sharp

Tyson Fury made easy work of previously unbeaten opponent Tom Schwarz and won a lot of new fans around the world in the process this weekend.

Fighting at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Fury was keen to put on a show from the start.

Coming into the ring in American colors but crucially when he got in there — turning on his fight skills.

This fella can really, really fight.

There was never any doubt about that mind you but moreover, many now believe him to be the best heavyweight on the planet.

One particular aspect of his combat repertoire that was on full display was his almost cat-like reflexes in terms of head movement and ability to get out of the way of shots.

Some superb short clips on Twitter illustrate this head movement quite well.

Tyson Fury head movement on point against Schwarz:

For those that appreciate the sweet science of boxing the above is a joy to watch for a heavyweight of that size specifically.

Something straight out of ‘The Matrix’ movie really.

Hit and not getting hit is the name of the game and the above is a great technical reference point for any young boxers out there.

More importantly perhaps last night was an amazing example for young fighters and young men alike on how to act and behave win or lose.

In the ring or outside of it — in life.

Conveyed through this excellent attitude display of humility and gratitude to his beaten opponent Tom Schwarz after the bout ended.

It’s little wonder the fight received this sort of reaction.

With the Deontay Wilder rematch on the horizon for early next year Fury will need all of the above once again.

Wilder in many people’s opinion is the hardest hitting heavyweight since Mike Tyson.

Some even believe he could very well be one of the hardest single-punch professional fighters the sport has ever produced.

A fearsome adversary for any of the current elite-level heavyweights here on Earth to contend with.

No doubt about it.

Fury will need all of his skill and head movement to defeat him in the new year.

Indeed, it promises to be one of the biggest fights seen in boxing for some time.

All in all, Tyson Fury’s performance in his Las Vegas debut and comeback from mental health the last few years is a credit to himself and the entire sport of boxing.

A testament to the unbreakable resolve of the human spirit that if you want something bad enough, trust yourself, genuinely believe in yourself and have faith in something, even during life’s most testing of times — that impossible really is nothing.

Big respect.

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