Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach knows welterweight Amir Khan very well having trained him in the past.

The two experienced a lot of success together but Khan ultimately made the decision to move on to work on his defense.

Deeming Freddie’s teaching at the time to be too offensive minded.

Last weekend Khan was stopped by Terence Crawford in some bizarre circumstances where Khan withdrew himself following a low blow.

Speaking to Fight Hub Roach who was in attendance said of the fight:

“There was a lot of confusion going on. There shouldn’t be though. The rule is he hit a low blow. You get five minutes rest. If you can’t get continue that’s it. Don’t ask the trainer. Why would you ask the trainer? The trainer didn’t get hit low. The fighter did. After five minutes it’s disqualification or you go to the scorecards or whatever it is. Why was there so much confusion going on? Just go by the rules. They were asking other people and stuff. At one point Amir put his gum shield back in. What does that mean? That means he wants to fight on, right?”

He added:

“He (Amir) quit. It was better than getting knocked out I guess for his career. But he doesn’t have much of a career left. Maybe one more fight. But if he gets knocked out again it’s definitely over.”

No mincing of words there by Freddie.

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