Mayweather Promotions CEO Accuses Eddie Hearn Of Snakey Underhanded Tactics

Mayweather Promotions CEO Accuses Eddie Hearn Of Snakey Underhanded Tactics

Boxing has experienced a plethora of success the last few years or so.

No doubt about it.

Largely this has been down to making the best fights possible for fight fans and by promoters putting their egos aside to make high quality fights quickly where possible.

However 2019 the standard has slipped a bit in fairness.

This year has seen a bit more of the old, ugly boxing politics rear their head in terms of promoters attacking one another again.

This issue has been exasperated of course by multiple world champions boxing on a variety of platforms and networks.

One such subtle beef that has continued beneath the surface and often times in the media this year is one between American promoter Leonard Ellerbe and Eddie Hearn of the UK.

The latter recently started promoting fights in the US.

Speaking to Fight Hype Ellerbe said of Hearn:

“It’s like, dude, you’re doing your thing over there (the UK). It’s a different ball game over here (the US) but you’re still a great promoter. You don’t have to come over here and try to dirty back, you know over here, go behind and talk s*** to the fighter and try to get the fighter. That s*** is not going to work. When you treat people well it’s a reflection of what you’re all about. That’s how you build relationships.”

He added:

“You don’t have to go about it in that kind of way. That kind of stuff might have worked over there but it’s a different ball game over here. He’s trying to establish his platform and his business. You can’t come over here to the United States disrespecting cats who are running the game. You just can’t do that. You ain’t going to go anywhere with that. Again, he’s a person I’ve a lot of respect for. At the end of the day it’s all relative. It’s all about how you treat people. The fighters are the ones who are going to get in there and put their lives on the line. It’s not about the promoters.”

One big fight that would need the two to work together on to be made would be one between Gervonta Davis and Tevin Farmer.

A terrific match up that both boxers have expressed more than enough interest in having too.