The long standing attempts to make an undisputed heavyweight title fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder continues on as the summer approaches once again.

Its been a year now since serious attempts to make this super fight really started.

Different stories and theories have circulated from both teams as to why the fight has not happened just yet.

Promoter of Joshua Eddie Hearn has been labelled as the major stumbling block himself to making the fight the world wants to see.

Hearn doesn’t believe that to be the case however but is still hopeful of making the fight before the end of 2019.

Speaking to Fight Hub TV Hearn said:

“If either guy loses (their next fight) the whole thing is f*****.”

He admitted that to make the fight it will come down to the fighters and that either one of them could frustrated with this whole thing in the end:

“Maybe Wilder turns around and says give him 60-40 and I’ll knock him out. Or, maybe Joshua will turn around and say just give him 50-50 and I’ll knock him out.”

Or alternatively he thinks:

“Or, a broadcaster (network) will come in along and go bosh (come up with a lot of money). And everyone says alright, f*** it, we can’t not do it. That’s what it could get to a stage with.”

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