Mike Tyson Is Not Happy Nintendo Left Him Out Of The New Punch-Out Game

The youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history Mike Tyson has gotten wind that the folks at Nintendo don’t plan on including him in their latest version of the popular ‘Punch-Out’ game series.

Many will remember the popular game from years ago being so loved in the first place for Mike Tyson’s legendary knockouts.

Well, Mike Tyson seems to think that the new game won’t feature him and has voiced his thoughts on his verified Twitter account saying:

Indeed it is.

Tyson these days is now a successful cannabis entrepreneur and podcast host but his iconic boxing knockouts are still loved the world over.

His encyclopedic knowledge on the sport is something very rarely seen these days in boxing punditry and although it’s rare when Tyson chips in his thoughts on latest happenings in the boxing world, when he does, it tends to be more than worth listening too.

No doubt Nintendo are going to hear plenty about the above judging by early reaction to this story so far from the many Mike Tyson supporters around the world.

Tyson retired from the sport of boxing with a professional record of 50-6-44KO.