Does Amir Khan Have Any Chance At All Against Terence Crawford?

For the life of me I’ll never understand why boxer Amir Khan gets some of the flack and negativity that he does online.

All he’s ever done is given us entertaining nights of boxing, showed more heart than is perhaps good for him and actively pursued the big fights over the years — in many times to no avail.

Sure, the Kell Brook fight not happening yet was a let down but I think most boxing fans have probably moved on from it now at this point as it was just over marinated in the end. People seem to have lost interest in it now.

More than likely it will be relegated to the history books as just one of those fights that never happened.

Instead, Khan is taking on one of the very, very best boxers instead next up in the form of Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford.

WBO welterweight champion Crawford is largely favored to win the fight and many think Khan will end up being knocked out in the contest.

But if Khan were to keep out of the way for the whole fight and get on his bike, keep his chin out of the way, move, hit and not be hit with those blistering fast hands of his — he still has more than enough talent and speed to at least give Crawford some problems.

But does he really have a chance to win the fight?

On April 20th at Madison Square Garden we’ll find out.