For a while in some quarters there was a narrative being peddled and pushed that nobody in America or worldwide really knew who WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is outside of boxing fans.

If there was ever any truth to it in the past that certainly changed after his fight against Tyson Fury last December where the dramatic nature of the bout captured world sports’ fans attention and raised both boxers’ profiles hugely.

A new video has surfaced of Wilder at the Errol Spence vs Mikey Garcia fight this past weekend in Texas where the myth was completely shattered once and for all:

Wilder has a big announcement planned for tomorrow (Tuesday) where it is expected he will announce who his next opponent is and what network his fights will be shown on.

Most are speculating that he will confirm in public that he turned down an offer thought to be worth over $100 million from streaming app DAZN.

It will be interesting to hear from Wilder directly himself tomorrow on what has really gone on and if, at all, boxing fans will ever get an Anthony Joshua super fight.

At the moment it doesn’t look likely anytime soon unfortunately.