It is thought that in recent weeks 42-year-old Floyd Mayweather behind the scenes has returned to serious boxing training in Las Vegas with a view to taking on some sort of return to the sport this year.

He last competed in an exhibition bout on New Year’s Eve just gone but with the lure of one last big pay day against Manny Pacquiao still on the table for a proper professional fight, many think it will prove to be too much to turn down for the man known as ‘Money’.

A man more than fond of a few dollars after all. He could still make close to $100 million for a Pacquiao rematch, even at this stage of the game and with how the market has changed since they last fought.

A picture of Mayweather after sparring a young contender emerged recently and now the following ice bath recovery video indicates that Mayweather is indeed continuing his hard training at the moment:

Mayweather would have to be putting himself through some serious paces to be doing an ice bath in the first place so one wonders what his decision will be in the coming weeks.

Likely he is testing his body at the moment to see how he feels in the gym and if indeed he can get himself where he needs to be to compete in a high level pro boxing match again.

His legs have clearly slowed down as evidenced from the New Year’s Eve fight and the McGregor bout in 2017 but even with that, he’s still got enough skills and experience to beat many of the top welterweights out there you’d have to think.