Many boxing fans will be well familiar with former heavyweight champions of the world Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe.

Two men forever etched into heavyweight boxing history.

Although the two never fought in their professional careers it turns out they go way back.

Quite literally.

Speaking on his podcast ‘Hot Boxing With Mike Tyson’ Tyson actually revealed for the first time that the two went to school with one another and were in the same class:

“I was in there (special education) with Riddick Bowe — remember him! Me and Riddick Bowe were was in special ed withtogether. Public school. Yeah (elementary school). Two heavyweight champions went to school together. The same school. The same time.”

Brownsville isn’t a big area in New York so the fact that two heavyweight champions from around the same era went to the same school and were in the same class as one another, who’d have thought after all these years that Tyson has only disclosed this now.

Both had great careers overall but these days are well removed from the sport of boxing other than giving their opinions on upcoming fights or big stories in the sweet science.

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