Teddy Atlas Has A Theory On Mayweather’s Involvement In Lomachenko vs Davis

Teddy Atlas Has A Theory On Mayweather Getting In The Way Of Loma vs Davis

Colorful and outspoken commentator Teddy Atlas is probably one of the most passionate and respected voices in the sport of boxing today.

The biggest sports network on Earth ESPN regularly use him not only for his knowledge as a pundit on TV but of course, also his shoot from the hip and unfiltered ability to just say it as it is.

There’s something that everyone respects about people who tell it like it is.

In his latest assessment of why one major fight in the sport of boxing hasn’t happened yet between pound for pound king Vasyl Lomachenko and Floyd Mayweather protege Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, Atlas has a theory on what’s going on in terms of Mayweather himself not willing to risk Davis in there against Lomachenko.

At least just yet.

Speaking on his podcast ‘The Fight With Teddy Atlas’ he said:

“Floyd was always smart. That’s where we missed the boat on Floyd. We talk about the fighter he was, what about the manager he was and still is?”

He added:

“He knows that for that kid (Davis) Lomachenko, as good a puncher as Davis is, and he’s one of the best punchers in the game, he’s that good a puncher, he’s a puncher no doubt about it — but Lomachenko is kind of like that skull collector guy who collects skulls.”

Atlas clearly believes Mayweather won’t let his fighter Davis go anywhere near Lomachenko at this point in his career.

At one point last year Mayweather did say he was willing to put ‘Tank’ in there with ‘Loma’ but Mayweather.

Davis appeared to have a bust up not long after that in 2018 so talks about the fight were quashed up until recently where they have surfaced once again with the two on good terms seemingly again.

What a fight it would be though if it could be made later this year.