Mike Tyson Reveals How Much Debt He Got Into At His Peak With The IRS

Mike Tyson Admits How Much Debt He Got Into At His Peak

Mike Tyson is not only a former heavyweight world champion but a man it is fair to say who has lived a life as full as any perhaps.

A guy who’s life stories have made up many books so far about his life and career to date.

Still to this day, one of the most fascinating people on Earth who happened to be one of the best heavyweight boxers in his day.

Speaking on his podcast ‘Hot Boxing With Mike Tyson’ the former heavyweight champion spoke recently how he ended up owing over $60 million dollars at one point.

“I was in big debt. I had a lot of debt. I remember having like 60 million bucks of debt. Man everything had to go. That’s the first thing that had to go all your possessions. I had to do jobs Gigs. Make deals with the government. Took me a long time to pay them guys. I was reckless. I was a wild man. Spending. Spending. Spending. I’ll pay tax next year. F*** you IRS. I did’t care.”

He added:

“IRS is the biggest form of extortion in the history of government.”

These days Tyson is also a cannabis entrepreneur as well as hosting what is now becoming a booming podcast since its launch in recent months.