Eddie Hearn Not Giving Up On Gervonta Davis or Jermall Charlo

Eddie Hearn Not Giving Up On Gervonta Davis or Jermall Charlo

Good old Eddie Hearn is on the sales pitch again at the moment in a bid to sign both Jermall Charlo and Gervonta Davis not to his promotional company Matchroom USA but to help get them onto new streaming service DAZN.

That said, a great fight with Hearn-promoted fighter Demetrius Andrade (WBO 160lbs title holder) could open up if both boxed on the same network.

Charlo is currently with Showtime and Fox.

Hearn told reporters at the weekend that a big offer also to Davis’ promoter Mayweather Promotions, thought to be near $5 million, would be going in if he were to take on world champion Tevin Farmer later this year.

Of course, Farmer has a tough assignment in Jono Carroll first up this weekend to get through however.

Hearn has also told media that he’s spoken with Jermall Charlo and is baffled why Al Haymon signed fighters with the PBC (Premier Boxing Champions) won’t sign for more money to box on the DAZN streaming app.

Money talks to be fair and he has a point.

Eddie Hearn is a salesman, a bloody boxing promoter of all things. Hardly the most credible profession out there.

Of course he’s going to tell a few porky pies everyone once and a while or over promise and under deliver on things.

But underneath the ego and arrogance is a good dude and out of most of the promoters in boxing, he seems to have the most form in terms of delivering on his word and getting boxers paid to be fair.

He does talk a lot of s*** but has good banter and is a funny f***** at times.

But this hasn’t gone down well in some aspects of his dealings in America. It’s stopped the biggest fight from happening really between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

It is thought that some of Englishman Hearn’s interactions with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and one of his managers Shelly Finkel has gotten in the way of making the Joshua fight as the two refuse to deal with Hearn and can’t take him seriously.

Eddie Hearn isn’t going to change, but, if he wants more success in America as he’s finding out, he’ll perhaps have to tweak things a bit.

It’s not England, geezer. It’s much, much bigger, more diverse culturally place where respect goes a lot further.

A little bit less arrogance will go a long way in a time where boxing is absolutely rocking and rolling again on both sides of the pond.

In America, what a time to be a fight fan again, in fairness.

When you consider major powerhouses like 21st Century Fox are now showing boxing too.

Mikey Garcia vs Errol Spence Jr this weekend case in point.

On DAZN you also have Katie Taylor boxing and Tevin Farmer fighting this weekend.

Irishman Mick Conlan fights on ESPN this St.Patrick’s Day weekend too.

Oh yes, boxing is alive and well. Lets just get more of these big fights made faster.

Work, business or life for that matter — are only as difficult as you make them.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It just doesn’t.

Hopefully this week a long awaited Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder unification super fight can be made or at least positive motions can put in place for it to be made when Wilder meets with DAZN’s Chairman John Skipper (formerly of ESPN).

F*** the politics, just get the fights made and get the boxers plenty of money.

That’s the name of the game at the end of the day.