Sugar Ray Leonard Laughs When Asked How He Would Have Done With Mayweather

Sugar Ray Leonard Laughs When Asked How He Would Have Done With Mayweather

Fantasy fights between boxers of different eras are exactly that, fantasy fights.

We’ll never quite know how different star boxers would have got on against one another from different eras due to a whole host of reasons in reality.

Styles make fights but over the years athletes including boxers get stronger, faster and bigger.

That’s the reality of pro sports.

But boxing even to this day seems to be one sport where many traditions in training and techniques still hold true to this day.

Skills tend to win boxing matches at the highest level more often than not and a bout between Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather would no doubt have seen an explosion of incredible boxing skill put on display.

Recently Leonard was asked the question about how he would have got on with Mayweather.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Leonard said:

“Any fighter or any champion you ask and say could you beat these guys back in the 80’s or 90’s or whatever their era they would say they would beat them.”

On if he would have found it tough with Mayweather specifically, he added:

“What did you say early (find Mayweather tough early on)? Hell no! (laughs) Just kidding. I’m okay.”

Leonard certainly would have had the size advantage in a bout that would have most likely seen his explosive offence trying to break down the masterful defence of Floyd.

One that no doubt would have captured the public’s imagination and one we’ll just never know the outcome of.