Wilder and Fury Beef After Fight Collapse Brings About Understandable Backlash

The world of boxing politics reared their ugly head again this week as another big fight fell apart at the last minute.

The highly anticipated Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury rematch won’t be happening next up and ultimately there is no guarantee that it will fight this year amid some serious lies been told either by networks or boxing promoters at the moment.

The minute the truth comes out in some of these negotiations the credibility of whoever is responsible for some of these big fights collapsing is done.

Tyson Fury’s last minute signing with ESPN to have his fights shown on the platform appear to have put the fight out of range next up.

That’s not to say however it won’t happen in 2019 but it proves that the old saying is true in boxing, a fight isn’t done until it’s done.

Yes, the fight will be bigger more than likely now but the argument that not facing one another sooner would cost either boxer money in the medium term.

As if it was a good fight they could always have a third or fourth fight, just like is so often the case in the UFC in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Ultimately, these big fights need to happen much sooner than they are happening and fans should keep the pressure up to ensure they get made sooner.

That’s their job. They fund these big fights at the end of the day.

This Twitter beef from Wilder and Fury following the fight collapsing this week has brought about an understandable fan revolt in many quarters:


Time will tell if either Fury, Wilder or Joshua will fight one another in 2019.