Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury shocked the boxing world at the start of the week when he announced that he signed with ESPN and will have his fights shown exclusively on the IS sports network powerhouse moving forward.

Great news for him and the sport but at the same time, some suggested that a rematch between him and Deontay Wilder could be harder to make now.

Not the case however after Wilder came out and said he’s not tied to a network at the moment.

That’s what it seemed like until more developments happened this week.

Reports in the media suggested that Bob Arum of Top Rank now wants to hold off on making the rematch until later in the year so both men can be made bigger in the US before making a pay per view.

If that’s the case however that means the fight isn’t going to happen next up which is not good.

The WBC have ordered the fight to take place next and if no agreement can be reached soon then the fight will go to purse bids unless Wilder vacates his title.

That’s highly, highly unlikely to happen.

Arum, who has said less than nice things about Wilder’s adviser Al Haymon this year apparently reached out to Haymon and other member’s of Wilder’s team all of a sudden this week with an offer to make the fight on ESPN.

Everything is up in the air still but this evening Fury has cut through all the bull himself on social media and said the following — tagging the appropriate parties:

Here, here.

Who cares about boring boxing politics anyway?

It’s the fights that boxing fans care about.

End of.