While the boxing world is on fire at the moment and the heavyweight division is in particular — there is another giant coming to it soon.

All the talk at the moment is about the likes of Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury of course.

Those three being the premier fighters in the heavyweight division at this time with Dillian Whyte perhaps fourth after those names at present.

But undisputed cruiserweight kingpin Oleksandr Usyk has been keeping quiet behind the scenes so far in 2019 and now has been reported to be near final talks to secure his heavyweight debut against Russian contender Alexander Povetkin.

Certainly not an easy introduction to the heavyweight division by any means either.

If Usyk were to look impressive against Povetkin and he’s able to make the move up to heavyweight seamlessly, which is not easy to do at all, then we have a new player to start talking about in the division.

Technically speaks, he’ll be perhaps the best operator in the division alongside Tyson Fury for pure boxing skills on their own.

Moving up correctly will be paramount for Usyk however from a physical standpoint.

Once you go up boxing history teaches us that going back down is not advisable.

This will be a long term decision moving forward.