Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller got as personal as they both possibly could this week at their first fight press conference.

The bout is scheduled for June 1st in New York but clearly the bad blood is already there months out already.

At one point in the press conference Joshua said that Miller was a drug user in terms of alleged PED usage in the past.

Miller countered with similar claims in a moment of silence that ensued in the press conference.

Speaking to members of the media after the press conference Joshua added again:

“Yeah. He’s (Miller) a drug abuser (PED use).”

Both fighters have been signed up to random drug testing for this fight so there will be no escape testing for either guy in the months ahead.

Ultimately, fans just want to see a fair fight.

In terms of action, this one promises fireworks with the level of needle and personal animosity already exhibited so early in the build-up.