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Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

Many claimed that the push from Jarrell Miller to Anthony Joshua in New York was staged this week but the promoter of the event Eddie Hearn has been passionately claiming that it was not staged at all.

Either way, the fact Joshua that didn’t react and showed the level of composure that he did, after another man put his hands on him — showed his class really.

Others would have smacked him right there and then without even thinking about it.

Indeed, UFC champion Jon Jones said the following of the incident:

One suspects that this won’t be the last move from Miller to try to get Joshua to react over the coming months ahead of the fight.

If he were to do it again a second time and Joshua was to not react again, it would be surprising really.

Miller seems to be trying to push every single button possible on Joshua at the moment.

Even including insults towards his mother which prompted Joshua to now start talking about Miller’s mother.

Trash talk at a new level in truth.

Even for the dirty world that is professional boxing.

The fight between Joshua and Miller takes place June 1st at Madison Square Garden.

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