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New Boxing Computer Game Finally In The Works

They say be careful what you wish for.

Well, for boxing fans who have been literally waiting for years at this stage for the next boxing game to come out — you’ve just got that wish.

Indeed, passionate boxing fans will remember many of the iconic computer games in years gone by with a large break at this point since the last one.

At this time as the sport of boxing is buzzing again around the world again — it is perhaps apt that now is finally the year the boxing Gods have answered us with the makings of the next boxing game.

In truth, it gives me great pleasure to announce this worldwide exclusive for boxing fans about the next boxing computer game to come to the market.

Copabox ( is set to launch the next generation of boxing computer games across multiple platforms and is officially in the works over the next 24 months.

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Already, Copabox have secured renowned boxing personality Spencer Fearon as an adviser for the company as well as another household name in the combat sports world that will be announced shortly.

Left to right: Spencer Fearon – Advisor & Joshua Smith – CEO Copabox Games.

Right now there are two games in the works:

  • One boxing trivia game where you will compete with fellow fight fans around the world to win huge boxing prizes. 
  • The other will be the most contextually realistic simulation boxing game of all time. It will have a number of current boxers in the game from current world champions, ex-world champions and current top ten contenders. 

As a passionate boxing fan myself who has enjoyed the different boxing games through the years, I often wondered when we’d hear about the next game, particularly with the powers that be mentioning behind the scenes for a long time that something was getting looked at it.

Ever the cynic I didn’t believe it. But, I’m delighted to say I was wrong.

Exclusively here at Boxing News and Views and through myself on my own digital channels, we’ll be covering the exciting journey of Copabox over the next 12 months across all BNAV and my own platforms and will be offering our readers the opportunity to have first access to all releases to play test the boxing games pre-release.

An early stage prototype of the game will be available in the coming months. 

Stay tuned on for more in the near future on this very, very exciting news for the sport of boxing.