Over the weekend undefeated US boxing prospect Ryan Garcia reportedly received an offer worth $200,000 to face a former sparring partner handled by Floyd Mayweather.

Garcia has now seen the offer, considered it and responded.

Speaking on the situation on his verified official Twitter account, Garcia said:

“On the Floyd situation, you have always been the biggest mouth in the room talk is real real cheap!!!! No more talk actions speaks louder then words I will fight your fighter but I’m going to need 1m if I knock him out and I’ll take that 200k to beat him.”

Garcia is currently promoted by Golden Boy Promotions who are on a different network to Mayweather Promotions so it would take the two rival promoters to come together and strike some sort of deal anyway for this to potentially happen.

That said, even if if doesn’t come to fruition, it’s still good to see Mayweather getting so actively involved in his promotional company once again and tabling offers.

Boxing is his game at the end of the day and a sport he can make a huge impact in from a promoter’s standpoint if he so chooses to outside of all his other business ventures, travelling etc.