If boxing politics have cheesed of fight fans in terms of stopping the big fights from getting made in recent months you might have to get used to it following this morning’s news.

Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury confirmed an extension with BT Sport in the UK and a new deal with ESPN in the US where he will have his fights exclusively shown moving forward.

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is currently with Showtime and three belt holder world champion Anthony Joshua is aligned with DAZN streaming services.

In theory, now things have gotten an awful lot more difficult to make these fights outside of purse bid situations.

This is where the governing bodies actually come in handy where they can force fights to go to purse bids for the promoters of the above fights to agree terms.

Currently Fury and Wilder are still negotiating a rematch.

Joshua takes on Jarrell Miller on June 1st in the US.

There has been times in the past however in boxing where large networks have come together and worked together to make the big fights happen.

The most notable instances of this happening in recent times were the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao and Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson fights were made when HBO and Showtime at the time worked together on both fights.