Marvin Hagler Spot On About Modern Day Boxing World Titles Farce

Boxing legend Marvin Hagler is recogized as one of the toughest fighters to ever step into the ring.

A man who did things the hard way throughout his career and earned his world titles through blood, sweat and tears.

Before his fights he often locked himself away in training camps in a bid to get into his famous ‘war’ mindset.

An out and out competitor, when Hagler speaks, boxing fans listen.


One of the more problematic issues with the modern sport is the continued fragmentation and large quantity of ‘world title’ belts that confused perspective fans looking to follow boxing for the first time.

Hagler perhaps said it best about them here:

Well said, Marvin.

It’s a bit of a double edge blade the situation in truth though.

On one hand you have too much dilution of world titles which takes away from their credibility but on the other hand the sanctioning bodies do have a use for ordering fights to go to purse bids when boxing politics strike and promoters can’t make deals to make the big fights fans want.

The increased number of world titles also does in theory allow boxers to make more money in that more ‘word title’ billed events are promoted.

All in all though, fans just want to see the best fight the best.

End of.