Recently I was in London in the UK visiting family and got a chance to pop into the Ted Cheeseman weigh-in in the capital that same weekend.

Something struck me a few days after it that really hit home in terms of the ongoing battle you’re seeing in the media between the various promoters and managers in terms of who is to blame for the Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder fight not happening just yet.

I asked promoter of Joshua Eddie Hearn why the fight wasn’t happening and one thing he told me really has stayed with me in recent weeks.

Upon mentioning Shelly Finkel’s name, Wilder’s main manager at the moment — Hearn honestly replied:

“I’ve never even met Shelly Finkel.”

When you go back over the various reports and interviews and you see the supposed efforts that have tried to be made and the reality of the fact is Hearn has not even met Finkel, yet has blasted him as much as he has in the media like he has, the above said it all to me really.

Don’t believe the hype.

Don’t believe the bull.

These promoter fellas are nowhere near as impressive as I once thought they were, in truth.

Far, far from it.

Talk about ‘levels’.

Christ, do me favor.

Even Eddie Hearn’s own fighter Dillian Whyte in recent weeks confirmed that the $50 million offer for the Joshua vs Wilder fight was real.

Why would his own fighter say the above is what I’ve been asking myself these last few weeks.

Bottom line is, it’s not Anthony Joshua’s fault that he’s not taking on Wilder or Fury next up.

It’s his teams fault and he knows it.

Now, following today’s news that Fury has signed with ESPN in the States the fact is fights between him, Wilder and Fury will all be that much harder to make.

Boxing fans who pay the wages of the boxers and promoters need to demand these fights to make them happen.

Fight fans are more powerful than they even know these days with the internet and social media.