Ah, good old Floyd Mayweather hasn’t wasted too much time in 2019 so far before lining up his next bout / exhibition.

To be fair, Floyd announced a number of things last year that never happened.

He seemed hell bent on a legitimate boxing match in the form of a rematch with Manny Pacquiao but in the end he just fought an easy exhibition bout on New Year’s Eve that he won by first round knockout.

He’s got a taste for the easy money of exhibitions it would seem, and, in truth, could you blame him?

Speaking to TMZ Sports Mayweather has now confirmed the following:

“Yeah I’ve got an exhibition (next up). I’ve got one in like Japan in July — light $10 million. Three rounds. Yep. Always, always my rules (boxing rules). A Japanese boxer (will be the opponent). Former boxer from what I heard. I got a call today. I think in exhibitions alone this year I’ve got four or five for $80 million this year (in total). I don’t have to do the real thing! I am the real thing! I proved myself.”

There you have it.

It would appear that Floyd has quite a lot of exhibitions lined up and will make an enormous amount of money for little risk.

Recently after his young protege Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis won in the ring Mayweather also suggested that Davis will take place in an exhibition in the summer in Japan.

He said Davis will be up against the same opponent he knocked out on December 31st just gone in Japan by the name of ‘Tenshin’.

Interesting times for sure.

All in all, you can’t blame Mayweather for going for the easy money but wonders will he actually get back in a professional boxing ring for one last real fight against Manny Pacquiao.