Former friends Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent continue to war with one another online in a beef that just continues to wear on at this point.

Former pound for pound number one boxer Floyd Mayweather was good friends with the rapper real name Curtis Jackson for a significant amount of time during his active career in years gone by.

A falling out appeared to happen behind the scenes after their friendship was compromised by a business deal that the two didn’t see eye to eye on.

Since then 50 Cent in particular has continued to bash Mayweather any possible way he can online, making things as personal as he possibly can.

Mind you, one wonders if the whole thing is just a cynical PR game between the two to just grab headlines.

Here’s the latest from 50 Cent to good old Floyd:

With the Starbucks boxing type climate that perhaps an overly entertainment-driven space the sport of boxing finds itself in these days, where YouTube stars are able to have charity boxing matches online that reach millions — perhaps these two are best just to have an exhibition in the ring with one another all together.

Sure, 50 Cent would have a big weight advantage but Mayweather obviously has the fight ability advantage.

Not that crazy an idea considering Mayweather fought an exhibition bout against a kick boxer on New Year’s Eve just gone in Tokyo.

One would imagine a boxing exhibition between him and his former chum Jackson would generate crazy numbers.

Anything seems possible in the near mad era boxing is in these days.

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