People Are Not Happy With Chris Eubank Sr’s Advice For Budding Young Boxer

People Are Not Happy With Chris Eubank Sr's Advice For Budding Young Boxer

Chris Eubank senior is arguably one of the toughest fighters of his generation and certainly up there with one of the best UK super-middleweights of his time and indeed during his time, one of the best super-middleweights in the world at one point.

A former world champion who prided himself in the ring on steely resolve, ferocity and an iron chin, he was a formidable force without doubt.

Always a quirky character outside the ring too.

These days he goes by the moniker of ‘English’ and is often on hand to give advice out in real life and online to fans of his.

One such bit of advice this week however to a budding young boxer has come in for a lot of heat online:

To which Eubank replied:

Some of the responses so far have been less than complimentary to the former world champion:

Eubank senior these days is involved in boxing as an adviser to his son Chris Eubank Jr’s boxing career.

Chris Eubank Jr takes on James DeGale later this month.