Everyone makes mistakes in life.

Christ knows, this Irish chap has made plenty.

But I guess when you’re in the public eye like Anthony Joshua is and one comes under the media spot light to that level — boxing fans don’t seem to leave you off the hook it would seem.

Rightly or wrongly.

Really, when you look at Joshua’s career though so far he hasn’t put a step wrong in fairness.

Look at it rationally and without emotion for a second.

The guy has probably had the quickest success out of any heavyweight in history and has helped propel boxing back near the centre of the conversation again among sports fans.

Certainly in Europe and possibly in the future in the US where he is still relatively an unknown quantity just yet.

But there seems to be a growing anger against AJ.

Particularly after yesterday’s news that he is taking on little known American Jarrell Miller next up on June 1st.

Many are now pointing to this from Joshua last year:

Obviously he’s boxing none of the above next up that he asked boxing fans who he should take on next.

Understandably, people are p***** off with the whole situation but it’s not Joshua’s fault.

It’s the annoying boxing politics that seem to have reared their ugly head once again in this amazing sport but rotten business.

A sport though that is experiencing such a positive growth spurt at the moment.

Nothing should be taken for granted however. Never. Ever.

We got here as a sport by making the fights that fans want to see — when fans want to see them.

Lets not take a step backwards now.

Hopefully the winner of Joshua vs Miller fights the winner of Wilder vs Fury by the end of the year and all will be forgiven by boxing fans.