Mayweather Reacts To His 66 Year Old Father Getting Dropped In Sparring

Mayweather Reacts To His 66 Year Old Father Getting Dropped In Sparring

Floyd Mayweather is enjoying life at the moment but had a chance this week to give a quick reaction to seeing his father getting dropping in an apparent sparring match that took place at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas last week.

In the clip 66 year old Mayweather senior could be seen getting tagged by a light punch that knocked him down.

Speaking to TMZ, his son and former pound for pound number one boxer in the world Floyd Mayweather junior said:

“I think my dad needs to stop boxing. He is older.”

Mayweather senior himself took things in good jest and released his own video with brother Jeff Mayweather on the Mayweather YouTube channel speaking on the incident:

Fair play that he’s still even getting in there at this age but as his son said, perhaps it’s best to knock it on the head at this stage.

Once a fighter always a fighter, Floyd Mayweather senior at one time was a dangerous contender who even shared the ring with ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard until his career was derailed after been shot in the leg.

During his stint in jail his brother Roger Mayweather took over the training of his son Floyd Mayweather junior’s boxing career until Mayweather senior right at the end of junior’s career ended up back in his son’s corner.

Floyd Mayweather junior is retired at this time amid speculation he may come back for one more fight.