Earlier this week it was reported that boxing legend and Filipino Senator Manny Pacquiao had given the blessing to his son to embark into the unforgiving sport of boxing.

Pacquiao knows all too well just how tough a sport it is having come from extreme poverty as a child to fight his way to the top of the hardest business of them all – prizefighting.

While he gave his blessing to his son to become a pro boxer he still has a long way to go but today in Manilla he had his first amateur bout to get him started:

(Hat tip Ryan Songolia)

Not too but at all and huge kudos to him for getting into the ring to begin with.

Something that many critics often do not realise takes enormous courage and heart in the first place.

However long he decides to box having his father as a mentor and adviser is only going to help.

Watch this space for potentially the next era of fighting Pacquiaos.