Footage Shows Floyd Mayweather Senior Getting Dropped In Son’s Gym

Footage Shows Floyd Mayweather Senior Getting Dropped In Son's Gym

Respected boxing coach and former professional fighter Floyd Mayweather senior has been caught up in a leaked video from his son’s boxing gym in Las Vegas showing him appearing to get dropped in a controlled sparring environment.

Senior trains fighters in the gym and is often seen in the gym showing off his hand speed and taking fighters on the pads.

But in this particular clip on YouTube he can be seen actually sparring someone where he ends up on the floor following what looks like a light punch landing:

Floyd Mayweather senior is 66 years old.

It appears that despite earlier videos suggesting that he was hurt that he was perfectly fine as evidenced from the above where he got up straight away.

He formerly trained his son Floyd Mayweather Jr as well as other boxing greats such as Oscar De La Hoya.

His son Floyd Mayweather junior is currently retired from the sport of professional boxing but continues to engage in different exhibitions around the world.