In his most recent training camp before the Adrien Broner fight Manny Pacquiao’s son was seen alongside him in various parts of his final training camp in the US before last month’s bout with Broner in Vegas.

A fight Pacquiao senior ultimately won by unanimous decision.

It would appear that fighting runs in the Pacquiao blood however and his son after being seen in different sparring training videos in recent months has apparently now received the blessing from his father to turn pro later this year:

Emmanuel ‘Jimuel’ Pacquiao Jr certainly looks like a capable young man and with his father as a mentor you can’t ask for much better as a budding fighter really.

For the full clip above check it out here from EsNews YouTube (hat tip):

As for Pacquiao senior it is looking more and more likely that his next bout will come against someone other than Floyd Mayweather next up.

Keith Thurman being the leading name in the pack to take him on so far.