DeGale and Eubank Jr Trade War Or Words Ahead Of Feb 23rd

James DeGale and Chris Eubank Jr are now approaching the final and most gruelling stages of their respective training camps before the throw down on February 23rd.

The pair clash at the 02 Arena in London in a fight on ITV Box Office in the UK and live on Showtime in the US.

It’s an interesting bout in that both men’s stars have slightly dipped in recent years but the winner of the fight could see some huge opportunities open up for him later this year in a sort of career resurrection type bout.

The two clearly are not fond of one another and ahead of the fight a clip showing the absolute contempt DeGale has for Eubank Jr in particular really came across:

While DeGale might be a strong favorite in the eyes of many and the more technically as well as achievement accomplished of the two boxers, he’ll still need to guard against complacency.

Eubank to his credit is always in tip top shape and if DeGale were to take breaks in the fight as he has done in some of his bouts this would be an opportunity for Eubank Jr to capitalize.

All in all, it’s the typical boxer vs fighter type match in many regards but a lot will tell as regards what type of James DeGale turns up on fight night.