Adrien Broner is no doubt gathering his thoughts and regrouping this week after his loss to Manny Pacquiao this weekend.

A bout that saw Pacquiao get a unanimous points decision verdict in to retain his WBA welterweight title and move forward once again.

A prevailing theme in Broner’s career has been surrounding him wasting his talent.

To be fair to Broner, he did take the Pacquiao fight serious and trained incredibly hard for it.

Where it went wrong was the fact he simply didn’t throw enough punches and came in there against a guy who wanted it more in the end.

Stephen A.Smith for all the criticism he gets is spot on here in my opinion:

As for where he goes next time will only tell — but perhaps a move back down in weight or even two divisions could help.

If he’s going to keep relying on this low punching pot shot style moving forward it’s just not going to work against any of the top welterweights.