It’s been 46 years to the day that George Foreman won the heavyweight championship of the world against Joe Frazier.

Foreman would of course have a legendary career in the sport and to this day is known as one of the biggest punchers that ever lived.

He’s also the oldest heavyweight champion of all time.

But he’s been candid about the riches he earned from his fight with Frazier and from his boxing career now long been gone since those glory days:

Foreman after his boxing career went on to launch his own grill which has become a worldwide success in the cooking world.

George also does a number of talks around the world about his life and career which are well worth a watch for anyone from any walk of life.

Perhaps the best fight he will be remembered for isn’t the one above, although it’s a cracker, but his battle with none other than Muhammad Ali in ‘The Rumble In The Jungle’.