Pound for pound rated Mikey Garcia steps up to face Errol Spence in his next fight in a clash of unbeaten American boxing stars but he knows a fight against either Manny Pacquiao or Adrien Broner could be possible later in the year too.

Pacquiao defeated Broner on Saturday night in a fight that positions him for plenty of more meaningful bouts this year.

Speaking to Fight Hype Garcia said:

“I thought it was a good fight but I expected a little more from Adrien. He didn’t throw his hands enough which I would have expected but Manny showed a lot. He showed a lot of power which ‘AB’ respected.”

Pacquiao certainly hurt Broner at times in the fight but to Broner’s credit he recovered quickly which clearly illustrated that he was in top shape for the fight.

Broner took the fight serious and got in shape for the fight but ultimately his work rate let him down badly like it has done in fights before.

Time will tell where he goes from here.