It has emerged that an eye injury suffered by Manny Pacquiao in his fight at the weekend against Adrien Broner could have been worst than some first thought.

Pacquiao won a comfortable unanimous points decision at the MGM Grand in Vegas at the weekend in a fight that saw him retain his WBA welterweight title.

After the fight in the press conference his eye did look like in pretty bad shape but it has now emerged in various reports today that he will need a specialist entirely when he returns homes to the Philippines this week to ascertain if he will be fit to box moving forward.

Here’s a close up of the trouble eye after the fight:

If the worst is confirmed in the coming week and Pacquiao can’t box again, what a career its been.

If he continues to box on now aged 40 we should enjoy him while he’s still here.

A very special fighter and man indeed.