Over the weekend world heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte (25-1-18KO) was in Las Vegas to not only watch the Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner fight at the MGM — but also to take part in some interesting meetings regarding his boxing career.

Outside of Joshua, Wilder and Fury — Whyte is clearly the other name at the top of what’s a very exciting time for the division and the sport of boxing at the moment.

If anyone deserves a shot at a title or a big fight against one of the above and to be paid what he is worth in any such business-arrangement, it’s Dillian Whyte.

He’s done things the hard way and fought his way to where he is based on beating top competition and ducking no one.

2018 was huge for him with big wins over former WBA world champion Lucas Browne (by knockout), former WBO world champion Joseph Parker (by unanimous decision) and long time rival and a much revived Dereck Chisora (by knockout).

At 30 years of age at the point in his career he’s at, he now deserves his place at the negotiating table with Fury, Wilder and of course Joshua.

Whyte’s done well in recent years through a great working relationship with promoter Eddie Hearn but the Jamaican-born heavyweight told many outlets over the weekend that he is open to all opportunities moving forward.

Including those with boxing power player and the much respected by the fighters — Al Haymon and his Premier Boxing Champions series in America.

In one interview last week with Eddie Hearn it was clear that he felt a tinge of feeling let down by this move.

It should be noted though that Dillian Whyte is like Eddie Hearn in this decision-making regard too.

A self-employed man simply looking to better his and his family’s lives through his chosen profession that he both loves and is talented at.


If the financial offer proposed for the Anthony Joshua rematch did not reflect Whyte’s perceived value that he thinks he is worth, he is a free agent on a rolling fight-by-fight contract at the end of the day.

He is well entitled to shop around and is smart for doing so.

He’s being open about it too in the media — so can’t be called a snake or backstabber by Hearn. No way.

To Hearn’s credit but conversely perhaps his downfall on this occasion, the rolling fight by fight contract idea has hurt him.

Even still, it was the right move by Hearn.

Having a one time at a time contract with anyone in business is a great thing if the two parties have a good relationship.

Hearn should be commended in this regard.

Back in the day, boxers were tied into long-term deals in favor of once much more powerful promoters over fighters and used to get taken advantage of.

Those days are long gone now.

Contracts used by the likes of Al Haymon since he came to boxing in America back in 2001/2002 (roughly) have changed all this — in the modern boxing world at least.

A market place where the promoter or manager now works for the fighter first and foremost.

How it should bloody be anyway.

Boxers take enormous physical, mental and emotional risks for the entertainment of the general public.

Their bravery and courage deserves nothing but respect and the appropriate compensation in any particular enterprising endeavour as regards their athletic services rendered as professional athletes.

Ultimately in this scenario, Anthony Joshua is Eddie Hearn and Matchroom’s star fighter and if Joshua is asking for more money than Whyte thinks he deserves in the rematch, in the end, Hearn will side with Joshua as his main money maker for his business and his own family.

Whyte must look after himself and his own family too and simply wants to fight the best and make himself a big star in world boxing.

Not just in the UK.

That’s another important thing to realize in this instance here too.

From Hearn’s point of view, to be fair to him, it must be hard to be in his position at the moment trying to keep two leading heavyweights under his Matchroom banner happy.

It’s a tough thing to do.

Just look at how hard it was to do in the welterweight (147lbs) division between Amir Khan and Kell Brook and get a fight made between the two not long ago.

That fell apart for Eddie, too.

All in all — interesting and exciting times for Dillian Whyte to be in such a position that he has fought so ferociously and valiantly for over the years.

He deserves to be where he is.

If anyone deserves a truly huge fight this year it’s Whyte after the 2018 he had.