One of the more interesting things about last night’s bout in Las Vegas between WBA welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner perhaps wasn’t so much for me about Pacquiao’s superb technical and tactical performance, but the sheer physicality he displayed at 40 years old.

They say that the power is the last thing to go in a fighter and it is very clear that Pacquiao still hits as hard as he ever has.

Going into the fight for weeks on end his sparring partners and coaches were all saying that in fact he was punching as hard as they ever saw him do in the gym.

In the end, when it came down to it on fight night — the proof was in the pudding as they say:

While fights against the likes of Terence Crawford or Errol Spence might be a step too far for Pacquiao at this stage of his career there is no denying that he still has more than enough power, experience and skill to give them a run for their money if he were to perform to his best.

Pacquiao is not done just yet and expect to see him back to the ring in action was again by the summer at the latest.

I’d be shocked if we don’t see Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 at some point but then again, the ball is in the man known as money’s court regarding that decision.