It was a fight in the end that many predicted how it would go before hand.

Many, including writers on this site, thought the work rate and punch output of Manny Pacquiao would be too much for the lack of punch output of Adrien Broner.

Couple this with Pacquiao’s jab and body punch work being on point and the unanimous points decision was deserved in the end.

Here’s the official Pacquiao vs Broner punch stats, the numbers don’t lie as they say:

Pacquiao vs Broner punch stats

After the fight tonight Pacquiao said he is willing to have a rematch with Floyd Mayweather later this year if the American is willing to comeback to the ring to face him.

Mayweather was ringside for the fight and if one was a betting man you’d expect a rematch to happen later this year.

All in all a decent fight tonight that showed Manny Pacquiao is certainly not done just yet in boxing.