Many online so far have been complimentary to the Nevada State Athletic Commission judges overall for their unanimous points decision for Manny Pacquiao tonight.

Some, including members of the Showtime boxing team on TV, thought that the cards may have even have been a little kind to Adrien Broner.

This despite Broner protesting the cards and the decision after the fight and voicing his anger furiously regarding the fact that he thought he won the fight.

Here’s what the official Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner scorecard looked like on all three judges’ cards:

Not many have argued with the above in fairness in terms of the result going to the right man tonight overall — Manny Pacquiao.

Dave Moretti in the middle always tends to get things nearly spot on in particular.

Perhaps one of the best boxing judges out there who never gets any praise.

It’s easy to blast judges when things go wrong and they make a mess of things but credit perhaps should also be given when the decision on the whole goes the right way.

Ultimately, dealing with human opinion in boxing judging you’re never going to get perfection and you’re always going to get arguments but overall — most seem to believe the right man got the nod tonight.