Pacquiao vs Broner Tale Of The Tape

Tonight’s big fight in Vegas on Showtime pay per view will see a coming together of two fighters at totally different stages in their lives and professional athletic careers.

With the advent of sports nutrition and advances in sports science in recent years, although Manny Pacquiao might be 40 — the age in today’s times is nowhere as old as it used to be.

29 year old Broner will have age on his side but in order to fully ascertain physical comparisons between the two here is the official Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner tale of the tape that includes some stats from Showtime:

Interesting viewing and without doubt PacMan will be the more experienced of the two.

The question will be can he used that experience effectively or will Broner be able to make those older legs work more than they want to.

Skills pay the bills ultimately and whoever implements their game plan best and wants to win more should result in the correct person winning the fight.

But as well all know anything can happen in boxing, so never say never.

Tonight’s fight will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and will be for the WBA welterweight title.

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