Former pound for pound boxing stars Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao could be set for a rematch later this year and it could be formally announced in dramatic fashion this coming weekend in the fight capital of the world of Las Vegas.

English boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has let slip to various media this week in the boxing news rumor mill that he believes the two could announce the fight this weekend at the Pacquiao vs Broner fight at the MGM Grand.

Both Mayweather and Pacquiao are now in advanced stages of their athletic careers but a rematch would still likely garner considerable interest given the unsatisfactory ending of the first fight and both men’s star status, still.

The pair battled to an underwhelming points victory for Mayweather back in 2015 that although was billed as the fight of the century didn’t really deliver in the ring action-wise.

Both boxers are proud fighters and shrewd businessmen who will not only want to cash in on another pay day but wipe the slate clean of the first fight for their boxing legacies and give fans a proper battle one last time before they say goodbye to the sport they love.

Mayweather will be in attendance at this weekend’s Showtime pay per view as a pundit.

Expect good old Money May to have plenty to say as usual and as always with him — expect the unexpected.

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