Claressa Shields Rips Donald Trump For McDonald’s Burgers In The White House

Claressa Shields Rips Donald Trump For McDonald's Burgers In The White House

Earlier this week President of the United States Donald Trump made world headlines during his government shutdown when he invited a large number of professional athletes to the White House in Washington.

Usually an invite to the White House would mean attendees could expect lavish meals and opulent service from the world’s best chefs, but at the moment President Trump has a shut down of the entire government so he had to make due without his chefs and order McDonald’s burgers instead.

Female boxing star Claressa Shields had this to say on the move:

It is not clear when the current government shutdown will end in the US as many workers continue to go without pay and struggle to pay their bills because of the shutdown.

The reason for the shutdown appears to be solely because President Trump wants money from his own government to build a wall on the Southern Border between the US and Mexico and it appears he won’t budge on the shutdown until he gets it.