Carl Froch’s Bitterness Towards Amir Khan Oozes Out Of Him Once Again

Carl Froch's Bitterness Towards Amir Khan Oozes Out Of Him Once Again

Former super-middleweight world champion Carl Froch is not too fond of Amir Khan it’s safe to say.

And most likely, same goes for Khan towards ‘The Cobra’.

The pair have traded insults towards one another in the media on more than one occasion in the past.

That, despite the fact Froch is actually retired from the sport and even if he wasn’t, the two would’ve never been able to have fought anyway due to the considerable size and weight difference prevalent.

That doesn’t stop Froch (now turned commentator and analyst) from giving his views every time Amir Khan is in action mind you.

In reaction to recent news that Khan will take on WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford next — Froch told one boxing fan on Twitter the following:

Perhaps purposefully leaving out the last word at the end there from his officially verified Twitter account.

It’s hard to know where the beef originated between the two at this point but Froch seems keen to keep it going.

Khan takes on Crawford next on April 20th in either Las Vegas or New York.

Carl Froch is retired world champion boxer from Nottingham, UK at this time and currently is a commentator on boxing events in the UK for TV network Sky Sports.