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Floyd Mayweather Reacts To Knocking Out Opponent In Japan

Earlier this week promoter of Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn said that an offer had gone in to Tyson Fury and also mentioned that he didn’t know if Fury was promoted by Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren.

There is so much information going back and forth between different promoters and fighters at the moment it really is a bit of war zone at the minute.

According to Frank Warren speaking to Gareth A. Davies today — no such offer was made to him per se — rather to Fury directly and that the offer wasn’t particularly attractive:

If 50-50 is the position on the Fury side one could imagine the initial offer was in the 70/30 or 65/35 split range in favor of Joshua, give or take.

Obviously the first offer in anything is never going to be great but it seems unlikely that both sides could get to a 50/50 for the next fight with it being so close now as Joshua is due to box on April 13th at Wembley.

Who knows if he even will though.

Some have suggested that the card might even be scrapped in favor of taking Joshua to the US in May in a more low key fight against Jarrell Miller.

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