The always humble Manny Pacquiao is enjoying the high life once again this weekend in Vegas.

And deservedly so.

There’s perhaps no other sportsman in history who battled from the poverty and hardship that Pacquiao did to get where he is today not just in boxing — but in life.

A true testament to the truth that hard work, passion and dedication pays off in the end.

For this weekend’s fight with Adrien Broner he has surrounded himself with his family and he’s humbly even showed the mansion that he’s staying in this week for fight week:

Conor McGregor, make room at the Mac Mansion for the Pac Mansion.

All jokes aside, Pacquiao appears to have trained a little smarter this time round with former heavyweight Justin Fortune in his strength and conditioning corner once again.

Usually Pacquiao is thought to do around 300 rounds of sparring in preparation for his fights but now approaching the age of 40 it is thought that he did around 150 rounds of sparring for Broner on Saturday night.