Adrien Broner also known as ‘AB’ has seemed in a more relaxed and possibly less vulgar mood this week ahead of his fight with Manny Pacquiao on Saturday.

Perhaps it’s the realization regarding the size of the opportunity that’s in front of him that’s given him the added focus this time round.

He’ll need it, too.

Facing a rejuvenated and very experienced vet in Manny Pacquiao who is still a formidable challenge for most welterweights, even at PacMan’s advanced age, Broner will need to bring his A game.

Upon speaking to the media at Barry’s Boxing Gym in Las Vegas Broner seemed calmer and more relaxed then he had been in some time and clearly focused on the task at hand:

The fight will be live on Showtime pay per view on Saturday in the US and live on ITV 4 free view in the UK.

It will be for the WBA welterweight title.