When you look back to problem fights Pacquiao has had in his career slick boxers have troubled him in the past.

Typically guys who come head on or who look to go for the knockout tend to suit Pacquiao down to the ground, a clever boxer in his own right with still some of the fastest hands and feet in the game today.

While Broner is a slick fighter, no doubt, is he slick enough to trouble Pacquiao is the question?

Speaking in an open media scrum ahead of the fight PacMan rates Broner highly:

“He is fast. He can move fast and he is a good boxer. I think you know (laughs). A champion boxer also. I think everybody knows his style (is like Mayweather’s).”

The fight takes place next week on January 19th at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas live on Showtime pay per view.

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